City Utilities

City of Clever Utilities

The City's utilities include WATER, SEWER and TRASH. You can sign up for residential or business services in person at City Hall or online with the links provided below.


Save on your water bill this summer!

The City of Clever Utility Department has started its SUMMER SEWAGE AVERAGE program.

How it works: The Utility Department takes your December, January and February water usage totals to get an average for your sewage only. You will be billed that average rate on your sewage from bill dates April - November. No need to contact us the Utility Department has got you covered. This is so you can fill your pools, water your yards or even play in the sprinklers and your sewer portion of your bill never changes.

Photo credit :Brian Nester

Clever utilitieswater faucetUtility bills are issued once a month, near the 1st and will have charges for the previous month's usage. The charges will be representative of Water, Sewer, Trash, and a Primacy fee.

What is A Primacy Fee?
  • The primacy fee is charged by DNR for testing of the Water Supply.

Deposits required for New Service:

ALL new water and sewer accounts will be required to place a deposit on their account prior to service being established. 

  • Homeowner (Proof of Purchase) - $60.00
  • Rentals (Proof of Lease agreement) - $120.00
  • Commercial - Owner (Proof of Purchase) $100
  • Renter (Lease agreement) $120

Due Date:
  • Utility bills are due on the 15th of each month. If the 15th falls on a weekend, please make sure to have it paid prior to the close of business on the Friday before the due date to avoid a 10% late fee being assessed to your bill.

  • Past due bills that are not paid by 5:00pm the Monday before the 1st Tuesday of the following month will be subject to disconnection and will incur a $25.00 fee. On the 1st Tuesday of every month if you have not paid your past due, you must pay your account balance in full in order to have services restored. This means that you will be required to pay your past due bill, your current bill, and the $25.00 fee.

  • If you are moving or otherwise wish to cancel your utility services, please notify City Hall or fill out the form online. This will prevent you from being billed further. Your deposit will be applied to your final bill and City Hall will need a forwarding address where the remainder of your deposit can be sent.
  • Terminate Utility Services

Water and Sewer Services brokedown
  • Water rates are assessed on a per 1,000 gallons of usage. The first 1,000 gallons are charged at $8.50 and each additional thousand gallons are charged at $4.00
  • Sewer rates are assessed on a per 1,000 gallons of usage. The first 1,000 gallons are charged at $14.32 and each additional thousand gallons are charged at $3.12
Tax Rate:
  • Residential Tax on Water - 1.75%
  • Commercial Tax on Water - 8.35%

Trash Services
Trash services are provided under contract from Cards. Trash is picked up each week on Friday. Please make sure to have your bin to the curb before 6AM. If a holiday falls during the week, trash carts will be picked up on the following day sometimes on Saturday if you are a Friday pick up. If by chance your residence is missed, please contact City Hall immediately.

Additionally, Clever offers recycling. The recycling carts are emptied every 2 weeks on FRIDAY, typically in the afternoon. Please contact City Hall to request a Recycling Cart.

Trash Service Charges

  • Trash Cart (serviced on Fridays) - $12.29/mo
  • Senior Trash (70+) - $10.65/mo
  • Additional trash carts - $7.00/mo extra
  • Recycling cart - $6.00/mo extra

The City of Clever takes great pride in ensuring that the quality of the Municipal Water Supply is kept to the highest standards. Every year the City is required to file a report with the Department of Natural Resources to ensure that the residents of Clever are provided with safe, clean drinking water. The most current report can be found in the 2022 Clever Annual Water Quality Report.