Animal Control

Animal Control Division

The City of Clever Animal Control Division responsibilities include:

  • Issuing dog tags
  • Issuing chicken permits
  • Catching dogs that are at large
  • Investigating neglect cases, dog bites, and barking nuisance
  • Enforcement of City and State animal laws
If you have lost or found a dog, want to report a concern about an animal, or want to report an animal nuisance, please call the City of Clever Animal Control Division at 417-743-2544, or click the report a concern button on this page to fill out an online form.


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Being A Responsible Pet Ownership

Part of a community is having animals. Make sure your doing your part by being a responsible pet owner.

Here are 3 recommendation to help you on your way to being a responsible pet owner.

Permanent Identification

  • An embedded microchip provides the highest insurance that you pet will be returned home if they ever become lost. A collar with a City of Clever tag is another way to ensure your pet is returned.

Spay or Neuter

  • Prevention of over population is important for our community. Having a pet spayed or neutered can help curb undesirable behaviors such as roaming and excessive barking.

Training, Physical Care, Socialization, and Medical Attention

  • Ensure your pets stays health, plays well with others, and behaves appropriate in social situations.