Notice of Rights and FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Clever Municipal Court?
It is a division of the Christian County Circuit Court that handles alleged violations of Clever City ordinances
Is there a way to pay a citation without appearing in court?
The only pre-payable citations are listed on the Traffic Violations Bureau page. For more information contact 417-743-2544. Please allow a few days after receiving a citation before calling. Please note: By paying one of these citations you
are pleading guilty, waiving your right to a trial, and right to be represented by an attorney. Finally, by pleading guilty a conviction will be entered which could have effects upon your driving privileges and/or criminal record. 
What type of payment options are available?
Payments can be made by cash, check, money order, E-Checks, debit card and most major credit cards. E-Checks, debit and credit card payments are assessed a convenience fee from a third-party vendor. A fine schedule is available for
reference. Fine Schedule/link
May I ask the Court for a payment plan?
Yes. If you have a legitimate hardship in paying the fine assessed at the time you are in court, the judge may allow an extension to pay. You will be asked to sign an agreement stating that you understand the conditions by which the judge
is allowing you extended time to pay your fines and costs. If you cannot pay by the due date, you understand that you are being ordered to appear on or before that due date to show cause why you cannot pay. You will be required to provide your SSN, current address, and phone number. If you fail to pay your fine or appear on or before the due date to show cause why you cannot or have not paid, a warrant for your arrest may be issued for failing to appear.
If I don't go before the judge, why do I have to pay court costs?
"Court costs," "fees," "miscellaneous charges," and "surcharges" are set by state statute, Missouri Supreme Court rule, and Clever City ordinance. By law, they are assessed to each case regardless of court appearance.
How do I get a continuance?
Continuances will not be granted over the phone nor given on the day of court (unless seen by the Judge). Only ONE continuance will be granted, otherwise, your appearance is required. In order to get a continuance, please fill out the
“Motion to Continue” Form that is located on our website. Form must be sent to the court prior to the court date. "Motion to Continue" will then be sent to the Judge for decision. 
What is an arraignment?
After receiving a citation, the defendant is given a date and time to appear before the judge. The defendant must enter a plea of guilty, guilty with explanation, or not guilty during the proceeding. 
Do I need an attorney?
You are not required to have an attorney, however the decision to hire an attorney is a decision that you need to make for yourself.
What if I do not appear for my arraignment or trial?
A warrant may be issued for your arrest.
What if I do not believe I violated any laws?
You can plead "not guilty" and a trial date will be set to appear in court. At the trial the City will present evidence and witnesses, you will be able to do the same. The Judge will then make a decision based upon that evidence.
What if I want to plead "guilty"?
You can plead "guilty" and the judge will assess a penalty based on the offense and within accordance of the law

If a defendant is found "guilty" of a moving violation the Department of Revenue will be notified and points will be assessed. Your auto insurance cost may be affected by this conviction. 
I asked the clerk how I should plead when I speak to the judge. They said they couldn't help me. Why?
Court personnel may provide information, but may not give legal advice.
Is it possible to keep this citation(s) off my driving record?
If you would like to ask what options are available, if any, to you in order to keep the citation off of your record, you will need to appear in person on your scheduled court date. When you arrive to court you will have a chance to speak with the Prosecuting Attorney. At that time, you may discuss your citation(s) with the Prosecutor. If any options are available to you, you will be informed at that time. The Prosecuting Attorney will not discuss any citation(s) outside of court, or by phone.
I received a citation for no proof of insurance. Can this citation be dismissed?
You will need to contact the Prosecutor’s office directly for more information: 417-743-5109.
I'm coming to court. What should I expect?
Each case is different, but generally at the first appearance you may anticipate the following procedures. Please arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior to your court time. You will be greeted by a bailiff at the door and will be required to be screened through a metal detector and your belongings will be screened. You should proceed into court room as indicated by the bailiff after signing in. It is helpful to bring your copy of the citation and some form of ID. Additionally, bring whatever documents you feel you want to present to the court in regards to your case. The court staff will provide you with a written document that describes your rights in this court proceedings. While in the courtroom, you are expected to do nothing that would disrupt the court proceedings. In the court there is no smoking, eating, drinking,
talking or wearing of hats. Please turn off cell phones and all other electronic devices. If possible, please do not bring small children to court as the wait is usually difficult for them. A bailiff is present in the courtroom to ensure that the
proceedings run smoothly and safely. The judge will direct you to approach the bench when called. Please listen carefully to the judge’s instructions and follow all directions of the court staff